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Our main area of activity - distribution of brand new construction equipment and original spare parts for it. Company's office is located in Beijing, capital of China, has branch offices in Kazakhstan and Russia. Over the years (since 2005), we have accumulated considerable experience in supplying various machinery and equipment to the post-Soviet countries, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Thanks to solid team, consisting of qualified professionals, well versed in all the peculiarities of Chinese equipment, the nuances of its transportation and customs clearance, and fluent in Chinese and English languages, you would not have problems with understanding in the process. Well-established partnerships with many Chinese manufacturers, our personal presence on the stages of loading and transportation (with the subsequent detailed photo report), a clear and prompt processing of all necessary documentation makes the process quick and clear.

Chinese market is huge and every year the pace of its development have become higher and higher, competitiveness of goods increasing rapidly, but at the same time, prices remain very attractive to foreign buyers. In this regard, following the trends in demand for a particular product, XLHJ Group Limited develops various projects not limited only to machinery and spare parts.


The catalog of our construction machines and equipment. The biggest photogallery of Chinese construction machines is also available here.


Construction machinery and equipment


Spare parts for construction equipment directly from manufacturers

Spare parts for construction equipment